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h1Security fatigueSaturday, April 28th, 2007

I think Im suffering from security fatigue. On any given day in London Waterloo Im likely to hear this over a loudspeaker:

At this time of heightened security, it is important to report any suspect package or luggage to a member of staff immediately

while reading this on a screen:




Forgive me if this is a surreal concept, but I would have thoughtthat reserving terms like Security Alert for an actual security alertwould have been a sensible approach. The first time I saw thatintroduction (complete with asterisks and all caps to make it reallystand out) I actually stopped walking and read the rest text. Now,presumably along with millions of other people, Im blind to it.

h1Dopplr = more beerFriday, April 20th, 2007

I really like Dopplr. A lot. Heres what it knows Im planning to go this year

Its a little bit like Plazes (which tracks my current location) with the important difference that it lets me book trips in the future, and thus benefit from knowing that I might be in the same city as a friend before it happens rather than while its happening.

(Youll spot Andy Piper in the above screenshot, who recently mentioned Dopplr on his own blog.)

The one small problem I had was getting it to recognisethe English city of Warwick. As a result, the map (which includes nextweeks Manchester - Warwick - home trip) shows a false detour to the US

(The flight north-west is for Iceland Airwaves later this year.)

Dopplr is currently closed-beta but if you travel a lot youd do well to keep an eye on it. Matt Biddulph gave a sneak preview on Flickrof one potentially interesting thing he might do with the aggregateddata: sparklines of city popularity over time show easilydistinguishable spikes for the major conferences. Nice.

Id quite like to be able to open up my profilefor everyone to see, not just friends. If youre already a user, and weknow each other even a little bit, please do add me and Illreciprocate. Perhaps, once in open beta, making the profile visible toall might become a user preference.

As with most examples of declarative living,the unexpected consequences and emergent properties are what bring thereal value. As more friends use it, the more interesting coincidenceswill occur and the more beer will be consumed as friends get togetherrather than miss those opportunities. Thats what its all aboutreally. More beer.

h1Road trip next weekMonday, April 16th, 2007

Southamptonto Manchester (Monday) to Warwick (Wednesday) to Southampton next week,presenting Web 2.0 and virtual worlds to the IBM UK TechnicalConsultancy Group.

Thursday May 17 2007

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