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Ok so Mount cook and Lake Tekapo was incredible, we picked Johan up in Timaru without much problem (windows down and Roxette on repeat cos we're like so cool....) A few wrong turns due to my oh so awesome map reading skills...but we got there eventually and then drove straight up to Glentanner park again for the night, passing Lake Tekapo (stunning) on the way. Next day we went on to Mt Cook and did the Hooker Valley trek, (more of a walk than a trek but whatever) Amazing pics, which if all goes to plan will be uploaded next!

After Mt Cook we then drove straight up to christchurch where we had a day to try and sell the car! So we rang round and eventually found a car dealer who offered us 800, which is a very stingy prcie but didnt ahve much choice and he knew it.

So then we spent the night in this cool hostel in christchurch making these weird ball things with everyonemade of oats and chocolate powder, im not sure why, i think it was a natural progression from getting that southpark song stuck in our heads..

So then Elin flew out the next day and me n Johan got the bus back to Dunedin...

And since then Ive just been temping again, got some reception work down at the construction dep of the Polytechnic for a while, which was fun, just sat at the computer all day drinking free hot chocolate and talking to the carpenters! And now Im staying in Elins old room at Johans flat in the town centre (she had to pay three weeks rent in advance so we made a deal i pay 30 for power and I get the room for thee weeks!sweet!)


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