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My Russian Rendezvous

October 10'th I got up at 3:00 AM and checked out of the Metropol Moscow Hotel, and drove to the SHO airport to drop off my car at 5:00 AM. Next I checked my ticket, put my luggage in, and waited for my plane... And I cried tears of joy. I would miss this place, but I couldn't wait to see my family and my friends again! We boarded at 7:05 AM, then got off in Frankfurt, France at 8:20 AM, reboarded at 11:00 AM and flew to Washington, stopping at 2:06 PM. We reboarded at 4:45PM, in which in that time span I bought a $3.50 pack of gum and a $10.00 book, and flew to Tampa, landing at 7:08 PM. Everyone I loved was waiting for my return at the gate. I will never forget this trip to Russia. Not even when I am old, and my foam finger has been torn by sillygrandchildren and my tiny monument rusted. Never, Ever. ~Caitlin

October 10'th

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posted 11 April 2007


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