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MaryAnne Take Me Out to the Ballgame
30 Jul 2008

July 11, 2008


We left Minneapolis for our return trip to Chicago. The winds were brutal and blew us all over the roadway! Along the way we stopped at the Spam Museum!   

Thats right, you read it right SPAM. And not the internet kind either! That wonderfully fabulous mystery meat in a can. And actually, after touring the museum, we found out that Spam is actually ground up spiced ham, with NO fillers! It does not contain pig parts and the stuff let over like non-kosher hot dogs. The museum is located in Aurora, MN, home of Hormel Foods, the makers of Spam. The HQ is even located next door to the museum. I love the stuff, so I was like a kid in a candy store! 


They have Spam everything in there, like Spam t-shirts, PJs, cooking utensils and recipe books. There was even Spam wrapping paper! And I must admit, I had no idea how many varieties of Spam there are, including jalapeno and cheddar! The guy at the front counter (the all-knowing Spam Greeter) pointed out that the display at the front door contains over 3000 cans of Spam.


How cool is that? Besides the history of Spam,


and its founding fathers, there were interactive displays where one could time yourself canning Spam, or broadcast on the All Spam-All the Time radio network.

 Its not really a real broadcast, but the station did exist at one time. Theres even a tribute to Monty Pythons sketches about Spam and the silly Vikings.

And a big neener, neener, neener to all of you who have laughed at me about my love of Spam; does your favorite luncheon meat have a museum? Hmmmm? Is it an internationally recognized symbol of deliciousness? 


I didnt think so! Even Brett Favre loves Spam!

After the museum tour, and spending way too much money in the gift shop, we walked across the street to get some Spam for lunch.

Turned out the place closed 10 minutes before we got there, so we got back into the RV and left.  No worries, we bought a case of Spam, so we have plenty to eat!

Were stopped for the night at the Wisconsin Dells, a place where recreation is all anyone is supposed to do here. We passed through here on the way to MN, and wondered, so I asked someone when we stopped at the grocery store before getting to the campground. The woman informed me that the Dells is a series of amusement parks, water rides, river tours and aquatic activities. Kinda like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on steroids. Every hotel has a water slide of some kind, there are places to see concerts and magic shows, and every family-oriented restaurant known to mankind! The KOA here is packed, and there are kids everywhere. We met a couple with two kids who were headed for Alaska. Hes military, shes ex-military, and hes been assigned to Alaska for 2 years. They are pulling a 5th wheel, and werent quite sure they were hooking everything up correctly. Rick offered his sage wisdom on keeping it simple! Wow were the veterans for a change! Their son, I think hes about 10 or 11, has some kind of challenge, though, according to his parents, no one has been able to diagnose. He speaks as if hes deaf, but his hearing is fine. His motor skills are also a little slow, and he cant learn to sign because of it. They are quite frustrated by it all, but the military has been trying to help them see specialists to determine his affliction. I sure hope they can find out so they can start him on the correct therapy. Their 9 year old daughter seems to be just fine, so they are very thankful for that. They were very nice people, and we talked for quite some time before heading in for dinner. The air is warm here, but not humid, and the sun has just set behind the hills. Its quite beautiful tonight.

30 Jul 2008

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posted 30 July 2008


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