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Ashley Cameron - Ashley's in China
19 Jan 2008

So I'm finally in China. CRAZY. I've been talking about it so long. It's so different over here, but at the same time it's totally the same. McDonalds is still around the corner and a Starbucks on the other. But what's diffent is the menu's are all in funny little symbols. So far all the people here are amazing. I'm trying to understand the language bit by bit. There are certain things I understand but mostly I give a blank stare and hope that Amanda/David/Larry come to my rescue. I've been doing a lot of shopping. I had to buy a cell phone, bike, meal card all sorts of stuff. things are so crazy cheap over here. Today and yesterday we went to eat at a meal in the States that would easily come at $20-30/person. Today I ate a meal with a bunch of the students and we all paid about $6/person. Electronicss are much cheaper too, except my hair dryer:(. Anyway that's enough for now. Enjoy!

19 Jan 2008

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posted 19 January 2008


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