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Okay I actually took the time to upload a few more pictures and to think it only took me 38 minutes to do! This computer is unbelievable slow that I have to make sure I have ample time to actually be patient and wait. The one where I am in the black v-neck shirt is from today I went to the Berlin Dome or 'Dom' as they call it which is a Catholic church where the royal Hollernzollern family is barried. I climbed the 280 steps up to the top in order to get my picture taken with the Berlin city behind me. The the next picture I really like, because I am on the train home from Stuttgart and you can see my reflection but you can also sort of make out the outside which is what I was trying to take a picture of...I look like I am going really fast! The one where I am in the purple shirt is in Stuttgart at the Mercedes Benz museum in front of one the A class series which have yet to make it to Canada. Morgan took the picture and it came out a little blurry but I couldnt resist posting it. The last one where I am in a red v-neck shirt is in front of the glass assembly VW plant in Dresden. In behind me you can see the VWs on display through the class, which was very cool. I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the factory because of security issue...BAW! Anyway tomorrow I am off to Wolfsberg to check out the actual VW museum...its another adventure on my own! My knee and hip are feeling better today and I was able to walk with minimal pain so that was nice.Hope everyone had a good long weekend!toodles, Ali-oop!


posted 08 August 2006


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