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....arriving in Christchurch I was finally met by Gill and it was a great!! We headed back to Christchurch and to our place in Cashmere! Gill had sorted the place out, furniture everything! She'd done such a great job, having hardly any time and working too! Our place is on Porthills in Christchurch which looks over the city. Really beautiful scenery and on a clear day you can see the snow cover Southern Alps in the distance! You have a better idea when the photos are uploaded!! Its a 2 bed room apartment with big windows and a balcony looking over the city. Its awesome and Gill has pulled off a blinder finding it!

The first couple of days jetlag hit home and my body was screwed over! I went on calls with Gill on the wednesday in her 4x4, checking out Christchurch's rural areas! These consisted of long roads, big wooden houses, masses of fields and great scenery!

The Thursday I had my interview for Youth Hostel NZ Marketing Co-ordinator, which I was offered the following day! I started on the 9th May so I had time to really sort my jetlag out and get accustomed to the city! That day thats actually what I did, found some great bars and restaurants and it began to sink in that I was gona be here for a while!

Still jetlagged, the first weekend there I was gently easied into Christchurch! On the friday we went to Addington Horse Racing. Gill looked after some of the horses and knew the trainers so we were all out to make money!!HAH. And you'll probably think it went tits up but out of the 5 races we won 4 of them! We were in the members area watching from inside and it was great! We didnt make much money but it paid for our food and drinks! And I did back 2 out of the 4 winners, before you think Gill did it all!

All this time Gill was showing me the supermarkets and stores and really trying to settle me in with Kiwi way of life! We found them a bit blunt at times and we'rent the most caring of people at times! But its the same everywhere I guess!

That weekend we chilled out and I was preparing for another week waiting to start work!

The beginning of the week was all about getting into routine, sorting out paper work and not really travelblog worthy so I'll leave that all out!

Monday May 07 2007

posted 07 May 2007


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