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Hey all!

Sitting in Kenyatta international airport in nairobi.  This place is crazy, traffic is nuts, every house is a gated house.  We went to an orphanage today to give away soccer balls and school supplies, and i played some soccer with a boy named Kennedy.  Was alot of fun!  The orphanage was Mama Ngina kenyatta orphanage, set up by the wife of the president of Kenya.  The caretaker said that the little ones are usually adopted, and none of the orphans have HIV or AIDS.  They all get to go to highschool for free, and they are well taken care of.  Unfortunatly they are understaffed like all insitutions it seems here.  The city itself is just crazy, on our way back through we are going to go to the city market, that should be an experience! So far this trip has been awesome, despite the lack of sleep.  Will have pictures up soon! hakuna matata!

Saturday August 04 2007

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posted 04 August 2007


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