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netmagic data center

Posted by Anurag intravel

Wednesday, March 7. 2007

I had a chance to see Netmagicthe day before. Spread over 2 floors in Goregaon - Mumbai, its a mightyimpressive data center. DD walked me through the server equipmentrunning some of their high profile customers (like CNN-IBN, Cleartrip etc), 24x7 network operations center, backup power supply, fire control apparatus.we're having march 2007 luggers meet at netmagic. see you all there :-)

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siddhivinayak temple

Posted by Anurag inmisc, travel, world

Tuesday, December 19. 2006

today morning i went to Siddhivinayak temple after couple of years. the whole outlook of temple has changed drastically in the past few years.now there are walls, cops, metal detectors, snifer dogs all around...if you dont want to stand in loooong queues then you can get yourselfsilver or gold entry passes, or you can make a donation - which enablesyou a direct entry into temple... or if you are female, you can standin the shorter ladies-only queue.for the rest of us, well we can always stand in the general queue by which you get to enter the temple in 4 hours..

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in bangalore for foss.in

Posted by Anurag intravel

Saturday, November 25. 2006

I reached bangalore the day before for attending Foss.in.. met several people here and mapped faces to their irc nicks and email addresses.And guess who are the richest people in bangalore" No they are not infyand wipro guys, they happen to be the rickshaw drivers here.. They cancome up with any random fare for your destination depending upon theirmood and time of day.. i guess the GPG guys can learn a lesson or twoon random number generation from them :-)

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chennai trip

Posted by Anurag intravel

Tuesday, October 24. 2006

I reached chennai yesterday evening for some work with AU-KBC.The city of white ambassador cars, chennai is much better off thanbangalore.. roads are good, traffic is less and in control, though thecity is flatter than mumbai, but then its cleaner(or did the drivertake me through the cleaner parts of the city")anyway, am heading off for AU-KBC campus, though its raining outside :-(

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mobile computing kit

Posted by Anurag intravel

Wednesday, September 27. 2006

finally it seems my mobile computing kit is complete. there's a laptop,its battery charger, a usb mouse, headphones, 2 meter cross cable, tataindicom mobile internet connection, few ubuntu and few blank CDs, amarker, pen, a hand towel and a bag to hold all this junk. am i missing something in my kit"

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gplv3 conference

Posted by Anurag intravel

Monday, August 28. 2006

GPLv3 ConferenceI was in Bangalore last week to attend 4th GPLv3 Conferenceat IIM-B. The volunteers from Bangalore had put in excellent efforts tomake it a success. Personally i went to attend the conference, becauseEben Moglen was speaking on the gplv3 draft threadbare.. This was alsoan opportunity to meet all the IRC nicknames and Mailing list emailaddresses in person :-)Talking about Bangalore, the city cannot be compared with Mumbai..traffic there is a managed chaos. Birdwatchers have a hell of a timethere.. try going to a mall instead..

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