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Ill just write a breif lo-down;

I flew into Quito on on the 22nd August, after being held up in Houston by the LAPD for having a fake passport (fucking yankers), and stayed in a place called Hotel Suisse. The following day i took a taxi to teh airport and tried to book a flight to Baltra, the main airport of the galapagos islands. They told me, however that all of the flights were booked up until mid-late september. I got another taxi to the centre of the city and went to a few places that were doing tours around the islands until i found one boat, m/v San Jose that was leaving the next day. I snapped up that for a $500 discount because there was only one space left on the boat and they were desperate to fill it up and went to Mitad del Mundo - the centre of the world. There was a big monument on the equator with a globe on top, and loads of tourists were doing the classic photo with one foot in each hemisphere. I, however was more concered with lunch and went to the nearest  restaurant to find some food. I ended up with breaded shrimp, but the guinea pig was very tempting. I then went back into Quito and went to a cheap hostel reccomended by lonely planet, though it was marked in the wrong place on the map. It turned out to be a really nice place. The upstairs of the owners house was converted into a 6 bedroomed appartment with a kitched and a tv room. ALl of the rooms were taken by really nice europeans, mainly from scandinavia. there was one texan tehre called hawk (lol) who was good fun. I ended up chatting to him about american football, though he had not been back to the states for 15 years as he had been travelling the whole world. He was planning on spending 3 more years in south america before going back into texas. anyway, after our long chat i went upstairs to watch 21 grams with everyone else.

The next day i grabbed a taxi to the national airport and went to Baltra. From there i meet all the other tourists goign on the boat, 3 aussies, a couple from NY, 2 argentinians, 3 italians and 4 british. They were all a good laugh and my few days with them were great. We played with sea lions, literally, saw the giant tortoises, flamingos, marine and land iguanas, loads of sea birds, galapagos hawks.

Yesterday i left the boat, said my farewells to everyone and got a bus back to pto. ayora on santa cruz island. I got some food and just slept all day.

Today, however, i walked for half an hour on tortuga beach which had some really good surf. The beach wqas shared by both surfers, marine iguanas, and some guys said they saw some sharks around. I walked back and got really hot and sweaty so i headed to laguna de ninfas where there were a few local boys about the same age as me. We got along great and for a few hours we messed around jumping and flipping off the mangroves into the warm blue water. And now im here!

Thursday August 30 2007

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posted 30 August 2007


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