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12 Hours in Amsterdam

... is enough to sample the flavor of the legendary city, but a small sample it will be. There are canals, carriage rides, cathedrals, beautiful architecture, tons of museums, outdoor cafes, day markets, great food from many different cultures, street performers, bicycles, and water taxis -- just to name a few of the attractions.The highlight for me was touring the Anne Frank House. I've always considered her an exceptional writer, with an insight far beyond the few years she graced this earth. Now that I've visited the places she wrote about, I'm even more impressed. It was as though I'd already been there. The line waiting to get in on a weekday was down the street, around the corner and halfway up the other street. It's clear that people still remember. May they always.Whenever someone asks me about Amsterdam, almost invariably there are two main things they want to know. My standard reply is, "If it's true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, it's all the more true of Amsterdam!" Anyway, for questions of lesser interest, instead of writing a few thousand words, here's a few snapshots of my daytrip ... until next time!

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posted 25 January 2007


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