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Bridget Ronayne la vita e' bella
28 Jan 2008

(1/24/08)Hello to all,

I finally got some time to sit down and figure this blog thing out, so here it is. No complaints please, I don't have time!

Rome is beautiful! The flight was long, I couldn't sleep, the seats we tried to sleep on in the Munich airport were extremely uncomfortable, but some how we made it here and all is well. After passing the Patrick Dempsey/Versachi add in the airport, and making our way through baggage, we met our RA and hopped on a bus. The ride into the city was picturesque, although for a little while I thought I was in Florida due to the palm trees (who knew?!).

Our drive to the hotel was short but sweet. We already had a million instructions and directions to follow, but we had gotten our room assignments and everything worked out well. Molly and I were able to be put together, and the other soccer girls are just down the hall.

The hotel is great. Our room is miniature; I have to keep most of my clothes in my suitcases because we have so little room. The size doesn't bother me much though because I, unlike Molly, spend very little time there. (She still gets in at least one nap a day!)

Classes are very interesting. I think I'm going to like mythology a lot. Italian is especially difficult this semester because we only have 8 girls in the class; I no longer have anywhere to hide! Unfortunately and already I have had a ton of reading to do! My art history professor would but you grad school profs. to shame, Mom!

I found a great running route along the Tiber on Tuesday. With the exception of a few sketchy glances (apparently people, especially women, don't exercise in the city), smog, and dodging traffic my runs are great. I love being able to look at all of the buildings, and seeing the Roman hills from across the river while I go (pictures to follow). It is all so distracting I don't even need music to get me through it all. Mom and Dad, I'll be sure to take you guys on my route when you come to visit.

The food is wonderful at the hotel, and gelato is as good as anyone has ever claimed. I feel like I eat it once a day!The people are all very welcoming as well. Even if you can't speak great Italian to them, they love it if you try. One thing that was very surprising and different for me, though, is how long Italians hold eye contact. The first couple of times I thought I had something on my face!It is very different; people will literally look at you until you've walked by them and are no longer in view!

As I hinted earlier, homework is already piling up, so I must be off. Pictures to follow!

Vi amo,


28 Jan 2008

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posted 28 January 2008


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