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abbs - auschwitz
Wednesday December 19 2007

May 1, 2008 [Day 1]


Were flying out of Honolulu International Airport. Luckily for us, on this part we didnt really need to pay for our way from Hilo, back home. At least we didnt have to pay for the flight from Hilo to Honolulu, thats where I thank Cieras connections for that. We went standby, which isnt so bad. From here, however, were going have to strap ourselves in our seats for awhile on the way to our final landing destination: Ostrava, Czech Republic.

            Ive never been to Poland or the Czech Republic, in fact, I have never gone near the European countries. Theres a first for everything I guess. This plan of going to Auschwitz was for spiritual renewal. From the legendary death counts and faith that the ones persecuted there in that camp was the first place I thought of. If all those people could endure trials, I think Id at least like to see this place. Scary, but well worth it. My parents thought this was a great idea, and so did Cieras, so I guess here we are. Were going to be boarding on British Airways; we stop over L.A. before going to London, then Ostrava, Czech Republic.


LAX, California 5:00 pm


Bumpy flight. It going alright I guess. Kind of caught up on some sleep that I didnt get from the day before, but it was ok. Were laughing it up just a little bit, because were spending all of this money, $7,000 each of us, and almost 1,700 on our flight tickets, round trip. Weve never felt so rich in our lives.


EW. The food on this flight sucks.


May 2, 2008 [Day 2]

London 1:40pm


Im hungry. I refused to eat any of that nasty stuff on the plane. Who could ever eat that stuff?!!! GAH, I think my breath stinks, I should brush my teeth. Its only been a day away from home and I miss my bed already, so tired of just sitting down on my ass.

            Theres a man who sitting across of us here in the terminal, and I think hes checking Ciera out!!! Hahaha. Nice, not bad looking, I bet if he tried to make a move however, Ci would totally reject him. She has no idea the amount of pheromones she emits.




            My butt hurts. I swear, the longer I think about the pain in my butt, the more longer does this flight seem. Its hard to sleep, because it it seems thats just what Ive been doing the whole time. Waiting, waiting, sitting here is a form of waiting right? Well, Im sick of it. All of it, I want to just lay down, stretch, too bad Im not rich enough to be in first class. The spacing of the seats is horrendous. Plus its even more uncomfortable that there is a stranger by my seat, asleep. Still, even though hes asleep I get a feeling of uneasiness, you never know if this person is a serial killer, a terrorist. The thought is scary. I look at Ciera, and she just looks glad that she isnt the one sitting by this man.



            He woke up. Luckily he wasnt as scary as I though he was. In fact, he was very.snobbish. He acted as if the whole world was all laid bare for his scrutiny. He delighted in telling me many things, and I say many things, because I hardly listened to him, he just droned on and on. Glancing from Ci from time to time, I could see she was enjoying my torture.



sleeping. Then..were gonna PAR-TAY!


May 3, 2008


Sleep is sooooo good. All of the plane sitting and horrible food, and the waiting in the terminal came to a head. After the castle tour, I fell asleep. Facing my head into the pillow, I closed my eyes and knocked out.

The Atom Hotel, well its nice. Plain and simple, it didnt exceed my expectations, but its nicer than I thought it would, I thought it would be moreghetto?


May 4, 2008




May 5, 2008


Stodolini. To, me this name sounded like and Italian cheesy noodle dish. Looking at the real thing however, it doesnt look at all like a noodle dish, or Italian for that matter. They say its the city that never sleeps, and they are right. The music never ends and the drinks keep coming. Its hard to keep track of all the names of all the cafs and the bars and the clubs that we have already entered, but at this point who cares? The music varies, and thats just fine, because Im more of a rocker girl, and Ciera is more in the hip hop scene, so there has been plenty of our shares of both sides. I never want to leave, who knew you could have so much fun? Pretty soon all the faces start to meld into one another and thats when you know we have to go. Reluctantly we did.



Wednesday December 19 2007

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