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Shoestringing Sea To Sea

Saturday, August 25 - Monday, August 27:

Saskatoon is my hometown, so we always enjoy our stay here visiting friends and relatives. Of course, we try to spendas much time with Mom as possible, talking, shopping and doing errands. Mom and I finally had our long awaitedpedicures, a Mother's Day gift that we always save until we can go together. Mom's toes are now a mauvey pink, whilemine are a sparkly burgundy.

Terry has been serving us fabulous meals - from her famous Greek ribs, to Mom's favorite roast beef, to home-madespaghetti sauce. Zorro has made himself quite at home, even waiting patiently by the front door after escaping undetected - he obviously knows he's got a good thing going here! We took Zorro for a "shower and shave" shortly after arriving and he certainly looks much better than we do. We're starting to worry we might be mistaken for theBeverly Hillbillies after 2 months on the road!

On Sunday, we took Mom, Auntie Rene and Auntie Isabelle for a ride around town, including a trip to the Homesteaderfor ice cream cones. We were amazed at how the city has grown. It's a "boomtown" right now with expansions, newbuildings and developments everywhere. What with new freeway routes, road changes and construction, we even haveto use Gertie to find our way around a city we thought we knew like the back of our hands! There are sections of townwe hardly recognize. We were pleased to see that the old Victoria Bridge is again open to traffic, and we continue towatch the developments at The River Landing with interest. Once completed, it will certainly be a beautiful centrepieceand "people place" for the city.

This weekend was Cruise Night in Saskatoon, and it was really interesting to see all the old cars along 8th Street, someparked for viewing and some revved for cruising. It certainly brought back memories of cruising along this same streetback in the 60's, checking out the occupants of adjacent cars at the stop lights, and driving through the A&W to "seeand be seen".

Massey spent Monday afternoon with the gang at Furniture World, while I met former CBSC colleagues, Carol and Ruthat Starbucks for a good visit. I can't believe I have gone the whole summer without a latte!

We've got more visiting in store tomorrow, so I'd best get to bed.

Saskatoon Stopover

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posted 28 August 2007


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