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Back in the Dam.I have to admit that this place was more enjoyable4 years ago when I was a little younger maybe.Now it kind of reminds me of Greenwich Village with hookers, just as much grass, and just as many goofballs.I ended up exploring parts of the city other than the red-light district and surrounding areas full of coffeshops, hitting up some parks, and open air markets.I even pulled "She Blinded me with Science" for 2 Euro so get ready come next house party.And I took in a good movie with my Mexican and Columbian friends, some of whom I had met earlier in Berlin.Put "Hi, Mom" on your netflix queque.Bobby De Niro at his funniest.

Here are a few shots from around town.

And a few more of the crew.In that last one we are drinking tea made from Coca leaves that one girl had brought from Columbia.We had an interesting discussion about the importance of the Coca leaf in the diet of the indigenous peoples of her region.Bascially, these people are just another casualty of the Drug War.But the tea is good.Helps you breathe.

Never let it be said that Amsterdam is without a sense of humor; check out the A-Style emblem.And here is the longest line I've ever seen at an ATM.It's like out of a Chris Rock special.You can't have late-night vice without an ATM nearby.

The funniest thing I saw however was not the group of friends waiting outside the window to where they had sent their buddy and clapping and cheering upon his return with shouts of "6 and a half minutes" but was actually this guy holding up his girl who was nearly too drunk to stand on her own volition.This guy though, had to balance his desire to keep his girl vertical against his desire to order from the kebab stand.He managed to get her on her own feet and told her to stand against the wall.She, however, kept sauntering straight along the street and after dude made his order he realized he'd been abandoned to her drunkeness.He chased after her.I don't know if he ever found her but I can't help wondering about that kebab.Did it ever get eaten and was it as good for the next guy as it would've been for him?

Well, I'm nearing the end.London Calling...and then Newark Homecoming.


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posted 09 July 2006


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