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Kim and Suzys whirlwind tour

Well here we are again in Frankfurt, Germany. We were going to go to Heidelburg, however due to being over tired and jetlagged we decided to stay here and explore. We are very glad we did. It is so nice. Everything we have read states that it isnt really a tourist destination, however thats just it, it isnt and its great. The history here is amazing and the architecture beautiful. Its a mix of the old meets the new. Alot of the buildings date back to 650 AD, and the centre of the city is lined with cobblestoned streets. I like it better than Munich, which i went to last time I was in Germany. Suzy loves it too. The fashion here is gorgeous. Everyone is so elegantly dressed. All the women look like super models. We even saw Mila Jovavich walking down the street. I chased her to get a photo, however once i was next to her, i was to embarrased to take the shot. She is not as tall as i thought she would be.

we went to a gorgeous market in the town centre. Everyone was there meeting friends and drinking mulled wine as it is quite cold here. Not as cold as we expected however a good chill. We are just about to go and find a laundry mat as we have much laundry to do.

The hotel is okay, however we have the smallest room in the world. The rate includes minibar, full breakfast which includes everything!!!!, phone calls )local) and internet.. yeah....Also tea and coffee and cakes and fruit all day.

Well Suzy thought Las Vegas was something out of a sci fi movie. She loved it. We had lots of fun there. the stones were awesome. Mick and Keith rocked the house and we just couldnt believe they were as old as they were, as their energy was infinite. It was held inside the MGM grand, and there were so many pissed people in there, it was unbelievable. They were aloud to drink in there and smoke. The joints going around were unbelievable also. Everyone was off their rockers, except us. Maybe we are just too conservative after all, but we found it all a bit much. The concert was awesome though.

Now for Celine Dion. I wasnt that kean to go, however i am now a massive convert. It was more like a production than a concert. She has been doing the show for 2 years at Caesars Palace, and she was incredible. Her voice was outstanding and the actual performance was mind blowing. The 100 foot digital screen transformed the stage scenery for every song and the sets were amazing. She probably had more than 50 dancers, all unbelievable. Im a huge fan now.....

We are off to Venice tomorrow. The highlight of the trip...and begin another mediterranean cruise the day after. Yeah bring it on.

We are being charged excessive luggage fees, which is killingus. We have 4 very large suitcases, all overweight. It is hell, and i mean hell lugging them around. Speaking of lugging, we have to go and find that Laundry mat now so we will write more later. We love and miss you all xxxxxxxxx

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posted 18 November 2006


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