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Heather Omlid - Heather's Ethiopian Adventure
Saturday November 17 2007

I thought I'd send a farewell email from Addis.  We had a good last day of surgery.  We only did 16 which felt like nothing compared to our previous work days. After work we had to tear down and pack everything.  We had our team party last night. We got t-shirts and patches that say World Journey of Smiles.  The party was nice to say goodbye to everyone.  The food was catered by our hotel so it was bad.  My flight isn't until 10pm tonight (Saturday) so I packed this morning. Then a few people and I went to a place called Hope Enterprises to donate the left over toys.  Hope provides school for the street children and hanicapped children who are not accepted at the regular schools.  They also have a cool program where you can purchase meal coupons for about 0.50 each to handout to the homeless people. They come up to the car window when you are parked at a stop light.  It's nice to have something to give them.  Then we came over to the Hilton and had lunch by the pool.  I had chicken nuggets.  They were sort of normal.  I can't wait to eat American food!  I'm so glad that I came to Addis to be a part of World Journey of Smiles.  Total across the world there has been oever 4000 surgeries by Operation Smile volunteers this week.  I'm honored to have been a part of such a cool program.  But I am so happy to be getting on the airplane to night!  See you all when I return to the US!  Thanks again for all of your support and prayers!


Saturday November 17 2007

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posted 17 November 2007


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