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Jane Slaughter - Jane in China
Saturday December 29 2007

My party last weekend was quite a success, with people thatI had met in many different settings. Only 3 were actually my students, thoughmore were students at SYSU. People seemed to get the idea that all you had todo at a party was sit around and talk, and they said they enjoyed meetingdifferent people. There are many pictures of interest only to the participants.


Since several people are applying to study in the U.S. or Canada, perhaps Ill see them againin the future.


Yesterday I went to a shopping area and in a side alley cameacross three women sitting on stools performing an old-fashioned beauty routinecalled push face hair. Facial hairs are captured and tweaked out between twothreads that the practitioner spins quickly, moving them rapidly over the face.One end is held in the mouth. Its hard to describehard to believe that suchprecision can be achieved. It hurts, more or less depending which part of theface. I was told it isnt done in beauty salons, just by women who learned fromtheir mothers or grandmothers. These ladies were charging 5 kuai (less than adollar). I didnt think I was hairy, but my skin really feels smooth anddifferent now.


The last week of classes meant much well-wishing fromstudents. Since the oral students final exam was to have a conversation withme, it made for a bit more interaction than in our huge classes (40+). Manysaid I was the first foreign teacher theyd had, or even the first foreignperson theyd known. A person could get the bighead working here.


Below are a few more street scenes in addition to the pushface hair. This is my last blog. See you in America.


Saturday December 29 2007

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posted 29 December 2007


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