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Juliet Ju's Latin American Adventure

People said that the Iguazu falls were breathtaking. I didnt believe them. Now I can say with confidence I was wrong, the Iguazu falls are truely breathtaking. I took over 51 photos on my hike through the Iguazu national park but individually or collectively no photos can do it justice. From the roaring sound of the incredible force of the water to the feeling of tiny spays of water tingling bare skin, the only way to know Iguazu falls is to go there and experience it. It is an experience slightly hindered by the thousands experiencing it with you but I found that if you take moment and wonder along a path less taken the spectacular force of the falls has the ability to overcome you.

The waterfall system consist of 275 falls along 2.7km of the Iguazu river. The Garganta del Diabalo marks the exact point between Brazil and Argentina falling from 82 metres with a width of 150m. This was my first stop and the force of the water caused such an off spray that I was saturated in an instant and was barely able to see anything as the water tore at my eyes. But in that moment I was overcome with the idea of the force of water. Such an exhilarating sensation! After the Garganta del Diable I began the climbs throughout the lower parts of the park where you are further away from the strength of the water but the views are breath taking.


After a long day of exploring the falls I decided to wander through the jungle covered national park. There I met several Coatis small racoon like creatures that have now been trained to steal food from tourists (I lost my banana straight out of my bag!!). Through one path I found a colony of Coatis all with little babies hanging from their breasts. The butterflies were incredible! I saw that had the wings that had the patterns of the skin of a snake! And thousands of others brightly coloured and beautiful (but very difficult to take photos of! The amount of photos I managed to take of bare branches is ridiculous!!).


Overall the Iguazu falls have definitely been a highlight of my trip!

So now that I have visited the park I am just taking it easy in Iguazu until my bus down to Buenos Aires tomorrow. It feels so great to be in Argentina again! Speaking Spanish and eating empanadas!! At the national park there are several different entry prices depending on where you live. Of course someone coming from Australia is wopped with the huge 60pesos fee whereas Argentine nationals pay 20 pesos. When I arrived at the ticket booth I started chatting to the guy at the window about the weather and how many people have been coming though the park. Then to my surprise he charged me the 20 pesos fee thinking that I was an Argie! Yay! I was joyful .. much more that someone had mistaken me to be Argentine than the fact that I had managed to save 40 pesos (rather dishonestly I might add). But all things being fair I managed to drop my hostel key in the waterfalls (I really hope it doesnt end up killing a native fish or anything) and the hostel ended up wooping me with a 40 peso fine so I came our even in the end!

Today I walked to Brazil. Doesnt that just sound FANTASTIC!! The truth it was a 45 minute walk to the boarder crossing from my hostel but I am currently reading the Poisonwood Bible about a family of missionaries in the Congo who had to flee when the war broke out and had to cross half of West Africa on foot and I felt very like I was living was imitating fiction. Ok so I didn have malaria and the object of my walk was to cross the boarder into international soil so that I could buy alcohol and mascara at the duty free shop, but at least the dense jungle that lined the highway held some similarities. Ok so it wasnt a war torn jungle...ok it was nothing like the book and the perils of that poor family! It was lovely walk though and I have never walked to another country before so that was cool!

Now I am just chilling out at my hostels enormous pool with a few beers and cocktails when the fancy strikes before I head back to Buenos Aires tomorrow arriving early on Sunday morning. I have booked to the all out luxury bus (because if you dont do it in Argentina you sure as hell cant do it anywhere else!). So hopefully the 16 hour ride wont be as painful as it sounds!


16 Jan 2009

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posted 16 January 2009


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