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My New Travel Blog Asia 90

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Asyou may know, Ive recently started a 90-day backpacking trip acrossAsia. Ill still be following technical topics on this, my primaryblog, but will be keeping a travelogue, "Asia 90" with my travellingpartner Aimee over at http://natek.typepad.com/asia90/

If you look in the right column of the Asia 90 blog, youll see waysto add it to your My Yahoo page, your Bloglines account, as well asways to sign up to receive email updates when new entries are published.

As you may know, we started in Hong Kong last week, and have justarrived in mainland China last night. Well be heading from the southto the north of mainland China over the next four weeks, beforespending two weeks in Thailand and Southeast Asia. After that, wereheading to the buddhist state of Ladakh in northern Himalayan India forapproximately four weeks. After than, and a stop in Delhi, well flyback through Bangkok for the final two weeks in Kyoto, Japan.

Anyways, if youre interested in following along with the travelaspects of my life for the next quarter-year, please head over to http://natek.typepad.com/asia90/ and subscribe.


One Response to My New Travel Blog: Asia 90 LiYangSeptember 12th, 2006 - 12:27 am

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