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Oliver Wakefield - Ollie
07 Apr 2008

Well me and Corinna are still together....just! We spent a few more days in palolem before i got the night bus to Bombay and she joined me a day later. I arrived in bombay in the morning so had to negotiate the Bombay Internal train system at rush hour. That was an adventure!! I missed the first three trains before i learnt how to run at the door and force my way  in. I lost my flip flops as i was forced backwards of a train, nearly lost my guitar as i was holding onto the train with one hand and clinging on to my guitar with the other as it drifted away in the crush of people and nearly lost conciousness due to lack of air reaching my lungs. Got there anyway. On the first night i stayed in Bombay with some friends i met in Gokarna and they took me out to a few clubs, resteraunts and there local hangouts etc so that was pretty cool, to see how they live and where they work bla bla bla...

The next day I traveled down to the south of the city (its a bloody big city!) to Colaba where i met Corina (who wasn't to happy, but thats another story). We spent about a 8 days there together. Its such an amazing place, i could really se myself living there. Corinna took me to lunch on top of the five star hotel 'the Taj Mahal' which was AMAZING! You could see miles over the city and the food was unbelievable. We also ate and drank at some other pretty swanky places, places with Porsches and Bentlys parked outside! That took me a while to get my head around!!

A few days in we met one of Corinnas friends who lives there and he took us the the Exclusive Bombay yaght club where we met a fine old english gentelmen who were born there and spoke very proper like. Anyway he bought us some Gin Tonics so we liked him alot. Went out to the cinema and watched Bucket List (recommend it). ummmm went over to elephanta island, which was beautiful and on the way back everyone was singing and dancing on the roof as we motored back into Bombay and into the sunset. Ooooo and I nearly forgot, i went on a Bollywood photo shoot. It wasn't a film but an advertisement for a tv serial. It was so much fun and apparantly my face and a few others will be plastered on buses all over India in a few weeks...hope i get to see it.

Anyway got to run and change into my maroon robe else im gonna miss my  first meditation (thats another place another week another story so ill write it up at another time)

Okay Bye 

07 Apr 2008

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