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Copenhagen Chronicles

Ok so where to start. Well I got a hell of a cold, and am trying to muscle through the orientation phase. So I went to the 7 11, and asked if they had medicine, and the guy showed us to the magazines. Maybe he's on to something, maybe Vogue is the cure for the common cold. I went to a Danish pharmacy only to find DayQuill does not exist here. I was given three separate boxes of stuff, none them ended in Quill. Bummer. We went to the studios today, and I found out i am in the wood program. We are in the concepting phase of our process. Next Thursday we start on on our travel tour. I live in a suburb outside of town called Albertslund, in a dorm like place called a Denmarks International kollegium. A kollegium is one part dorm, one part apartment, and one part commune. I have my own bathroom, but I share a kitchen. There is ping pong, a weight room, and a suana. Albertslund is like a village made from strip malls. I'll send photos. The last couple of days have been like camp, but I'm hoping once I get the hang of the city, and the public transit it will be pretty cool. My train to school is about 30 minutes.So far that is the only train I know how to take.

Wednesday July 04 2007

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