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IoM Adventure
06 Sep 2008

Its hard to imagine that we've been on the road for three weeks, but we have, & have the pics to prove (sp?) It! In Fort Nelson BC as of last night, had hoped to be close to Blain by now, but the fifth tire overhaul (I've earned my GM good wrench merit badge!) yesterday in Watson lake (not a nice place, with not so nice people)has meant a little slow going. We changed our route back, in case of more mechanical issues, to a "little less" remote (remeber the road crew camp & all the bears road), and actually started out bummed about it! The funny thing is, we saw great NEW scenary, and lots of wild life-a herd of Bison, moose, a young eagle, deer,and a bear-ALL in the same day! It all works out the way it should, great day, great ride!-unlike the two guys we saw in Watson Lake that rented a truck to haul their PERFECTLLY fine BMW & KTM "adventures" home to socal =( - different strokes I guess! Looks like Blain by Monday, where Frank & I are going to part ways, he'll cont. home straight away, & I'm going to hit the pause button, fly home, and cont. my trip later. We're looking forward to picture night (read PARTY night) as soon as we get home, bbq pizza's @ Marks house!!!!Until then.......Cheers from the road! =)

06 Sep 2008

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