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It isn' letting me put individual captions for each photo which i was told i could do on this site, so i guess i am going to try to wing it. Please write if you know a better site for uploading pictures because this one is pretty bad. The first few pictures are self explanatory, the sydney harbor bridge, the opera house, and the harbor. We took a ferry to one of the beaches and on the way back managed to catch the sunset ride just out of luck, but it was pretty amazing. The various water fall and forest pictures are from the blue maountains. We took a train up there and stayed for a night and hiked all around the next day.We hiked down to the three sisters which is the name of the mountain with three formations sticking up, and then down into the jungle under the canopy. The beach that i have pictures of is called Bondi beach. it is the most famous beach in australia, and attracts a lot of people often times in the thousands. The picture of the people dancing was more of a throw in for katie. They were filming the real world sydney while we were there and they came to the bar right next to where our hostel was. That picture is of the cast, and it was hard to get because mtv producers were deleting peoples pictures if they took them. It was a weird experience, there were light crews and people with boom mikes walking all over the bar. The final photos are of the sydney tower and the photos that i took from the top. Hope all is well for everybody.

Sydney Trip

posted 19 April 2007


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