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Priscilla - Ice cold traveler
Tuesday December 11 2007

Were in Santiago, Chile!   Yesterday we climbed a very high mountain - not on purpose but the cable cars didnt start until much later than we thought.  It actually helped our motion problems.  Everyone was swaying on land after the miserable Drake Passage crossing. 

JoAnna asked about our biggest challenge.  Id have to say leaving the ship.  We took the elevator (for the 1st & only time) down to the area to exit the boat & board buses.  The doors on the elevator opened & the expedition staff stood there with mouths hanging open looking at us.  We merrily walked out to learn that the buses had all left & they thought the boat was rid of all passengers.  Hmmm.  Actually, Maryann held the record for being the last passenger back from the landings - why not be the last off the boat? 

Weve been discussing our best moments and there were just too many to mention.  Going through ice & watching it close behind us was amazing.  Walking with penguins & just watching natures sculptures was beyond description.  Wait until you see our pictures!

More to come.  PAK & MAS

Tuesday December 11 2007

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