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Guten aabend!

Here we are in a little hotel in beautiful dowtown Hamelerwald.....for our last of three nights.  It has been an interesting three days.....learned a lot about the Kobbe family...attended a festival celebration for a town that is 1000 years old...ate lots of interesting and great food.  Tonight we had dinner in Hannover.  We even got photos of the parade!

Unfortunately, I have had no luck in getting photos uploaded to this or any other site.  They just won't upload....so you will get to see them all when I get back to my own computer and software.  Next trip I will take a cardreader with me!

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Bremen, up near the North Sea.  It is a seaport city where many German immigrants boarded steamers to come to America. Then it is time to head south toward Frankfurt for the final leg of our German adventure.

It has been a relaxing and peaceful weekend in the countryside.  The local innkeeper here has been most interested in all we are doing, and has chatted with us often.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. We will be in touch again soon.

Patsy & Anna Mae

Sunday June 10 2007

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posted 10 June 2007


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