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Ponyboy's Adventures, Summer 2006

It's true! I can't believe it. My time here is over- I leave this afternoon. . . Weird. My class ended last week, and the DAY after, my computer decided to stop working- so I couldn't update y'all on my happenings. FORTUNATELY (ZeK is my saviour!), my computer is fixed as of last night, but today I must pack & hit the road! I'm off to Irvine, CA, where I'm leaving my car w/a friend, then flying to Chicago for about a week for a family gathering/visiting a friend (yay!). So maybe I'll have some down time (") there to reorganize & FINALLY post some photos for y'all. In any case, Keith is meeting me in LA on the 9th, & we'll have our 3rd anniversary/1st road trip together up the coast! (please send emails & call to say hi in lieu of gifts.) My ETA in Seattle is the 19th of Aug.

But with luck I'll be writing again before then. . . hope y'all are well! Email me, now that I can get it! (or call- I'll be in the car ALL day today. . .) ---- xo,Ponyboy

Last Day In Phoenix!. . .

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