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Bertil Peterson
15 Feb 2008

Now to a famous temple

Ella is following us to the most interesting historical place in Haikou, the Wugong Temple. It is a complex of temples from older times, originating from the Ming Dynasty (beginning 1368) and since that time renovated several times. The tempel area comprises some 2800 square metres. A walk among the peaceful temples with the smell of flowers and in the shadow of old trees is to breathe not only the history of Haiku but also of the whole island. Five Officials Memorial Temple remember us of how five officials were banished to Hainan by their employer, the Emperor. Once upon a time the wonderful island Hainan also was a prison for political displacing persons or criminals. Far, far away from the capital of the Emperor. At The End of the World. Also the famous poet, Su Dongpo, Song Dynasty, was banished to Hainan. We can see his memorial tempel and read one of his poems on a stone. Another hall is dedicated to the famous teacher Guo Wanxiang, who gave students lessons there, now present as a sculpture. That was the beginning of a university. We liked the visit to the Wugong Area very much and it would be a pleasure for us next time to visit also the historical museum opposite the temple.

15 Feb 2008

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posted 15 February 2008


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