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Around the world the Harder way

I am being efficient today, and am going to try to catch up before to many days go by.  Just booked the Mendoza trip and am stoked to get out of the city and go to the mountain.  The night of the 4th I went out with a Bralizian friend and a group of her Brazilian friends.  It was an interesting night to say the least, we started and a really facncy bar and watched the Brazil, Uruaguy futbol match which worked well since I was with brazilians and they won the game naturally.  We made a friend with the server (as we where supposed to have paid 40 pesos a person for the private room we where in) and ended up with a heck of a deal for all the food and drink we consumed.  Afterwards the party plus some new friends from the bar moved on to the Museum club, which is quite nice and once a again got a deal.  We did not want to pay the 20 peso cover as the club closes at 3pm on wednesdays and we were there at 1 or later.  But the brazilians again made a friend (they are quite good at that) and about 9 of us got in for 90 pesos.  Dance, dance, dance, then call it a good thursday.  Yesterday I mainly repacked for mendoza, visited with friends that I may not see for a while once I leave, went to class, went back to my new favorite Japanese place, went to the gym, then ofcourse we all had to go out as it was Patrick's (furniture here at the Portal) last night.  Today I am getting my last bookings in, last spanish class, and hopefully going to the gym and going out.  Right now the hot water is out, so I am waiting on that, but wish me luck. 

O and for those of you reading everything as I post it, check out the Estonia story I added at the end of my first page.  Also I will add pictures soon I swear, I just have had a hard time wanting to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time.

Friday July 06 2007

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posted 06 July 2007


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