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Styson - aorund the world in 21 days

It was the second day on the island and weve already lost one of our travelers. That morning we all prayed that Preston was ok somewhere, but we knew he was most likely dead. It was around ten when Jermaine spotted a boat just off the coast, we immanently started a fire and ran around waving our arms till the boat came and eventually saved us. When we finally returned home we were greeted by all our friends and family, the truth is I was kind of surprised because of all the people that showed up. It was all our old teachers, classmates and even people that I forgot over the years. Once they saw us the hugged everyone of us and said they were so worried. I was astonished that our old friends would care so much about us, but then I realized they were all still my friends and theyll always be their for me when I need them. So that night I slept in my own bed thinking about all the good time I had back in school and thinking about all the good times Ill have in the future.


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posted 19 December 2007


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