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Mandy does the world!

Oh my God i can not explain how humbling the whole experience has been so far! i have cried EVER day so far - the school i am it is run off charity the kids have no food and they have torn clothes to wear, they have no pens to write with and their books are torn, he class has about 4 books between 20 and they are all desperate to learn.  the teacher i was watching had 2 classes to teach at once! so i have my own class of year 5's to teach from 11-16 years.  they are amazing so smily and lovely and they have NOTHING.  I had no idea there was such poverty really.  I have bought them all pens and paper and now i need you all to donate some cash for 1000 GBP they can all eat breakfast EVERY DAY for a YEAR!  they come to school hungry and dont know when they will eat - we cant imagine what that is like. I am also going to see if we can pay for a teacher they cost 750 gbp a year!!  i have to do something - Aly, Angie and Sophie are coordinating collection of funds so please get in touch with them.  I know its not much but we have to help.  Its an amazing place and they are amazing kids who need a better start than they are having. 

We are off for the weekend now as its Africa day tomorrow so off to do some sightseeing! monday i am being taken around to where the kids live - i will have to take tissues feel like a real baby but can't help it, i have never seen anything like it...........so dig deep!

thanks xx

Thursday May 24 2007

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posted 24 May 2007


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