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Adventures of He-Man and friends

Hi all you beautiful people. This is Meg finally writing on this thing. Soif you are interested in our trip you can hear myperspective!!!!!!!!

Well We spent some beautiful days in P.E.I at our friends parents flower farm. I am such a city girl I have never been to a farm before. Curt whose the country boy was very experienced in farms. I had my first experience of hanging out in a barn, sitting and chatting and also listening to some jamming on the top of the barn sitting in a pile of hay stacks.

Besides from that the beaches in P.E.I are beautiful. The red sand goes smoothly right between your feet. On wednesday we did our laundry and then hung out at the beach watching the sun set. We then proceeded to go hang out in Charlottetown, and partiedat a bar at the peer. It was fun. Although i think it was the beggining for the flu bug which hit me earlier and then Curt. On thursday we decided to continue with our journey and left the barn. We decided to check out Dalvay By the Sea a really expensive hotel rooms go for 500/night. It had a beautiful beach right beside it and the ocean was great. On the contrary Curt and I caughtthis awful bug hit us big time!!!, and where going back and forth to the bathroom in this Ritzy hotel. At one point we were argueing about Pepto Bismol, wheather its a suppository or not. While racing for the bathroom, And all the guests hearing this conversation. It. It also did not help that I got plenty of dirty looks from the guests. I got really pissed off. Although today we are laughing abou it. I guesse it would be more comical to us. Anyways we did not get to far yesterday wedrove over the Confederation bridge, which was really cool. It only took 15 mins to get from P.E.I to New Brunswick. Pretty neatHey!!! We decided we can't get any farther so we stopped at Cape Tortenine for the night. In a cute little cabin called coastal CabinsThe place was seconds from the beach. The beach had the most awesome seashells, The best we found. Lots of sanddollars.

Today we are slowly heading home, taking our time through checking out New Brunswick over the long weekend. Then headingtowards the west on Monday,

Man how time flies when you are having a good time.

Hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying the summer sun.

Write back later.

Friday August 03 2007

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posted 03 August 2007


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