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TIC (This is China), mate

Just got back from some wall in China. Its supposed to be a great one and really long. It sure was really long and a bit*h to hike. The steps were uneven, at some places there werent even any steps, steep hills to climb up and down, and 3.5 hours of walking uneven terrain. In the end though, it was worth it because we got to zipline across a lake. The sleeping situation, however, was another story. There was a fat ass spider on our ceiling that I knocked down with my flip flop and then had to crunch it in a tissue. Before I went to bed, I saw a bug crawl behind my bed, and I could never find it. There were also HUGE ants all over outside. All in all, it was quite the trip. We'll see how Mongolia goes this weekend..

Sunday July 15 2007

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posted 15 July 2007


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