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image1.jpgToday's location is Lisbon, and driving in from the airport onlyrenewed my determination to stay holed up in my hotel room! Am stayingat the Tivoli Lisboa (apparently, there are two Hotel Tivoli's here, sothe distinction is important). The hotel is good, reminds me of Germanybut with scarier elevators and no assistance with the bags. I decided Ilove the mirrored closest and that the tub is great because it's longenough to accommodate my legs. And the Molton Brown bath gel isunbelievably relaxing - although I'm not in too much need of relaxingsince I had a whole row to myself on the flight over.image3.jpg

Turnedout I was having dinner with Mario - Antonio was caught up in aclosing. We drove into the Old Town, with steep narrow roads and toomany parked cars. The restaurant, which was called Via Graa Restaurante,overlooked Lisbon. I can imagine that it must be quite stunning atsunset, but much like in Barcelona, we dined late - I met Mario at nine- so I didn't get the full effect. The food was delicious, except forthe lobster and scallop that Mario forced me to try, and I pretended toenjoy. Oh, and the lovely piece of plastic that was hidden in mydessert like a strange sort of cracker jack prize. At any rate, I wasreminded of Barcelona, with the easy, late pace of the meal and it wasquite nice. Maybe, just maybe, if I have time tomorrow, I'll walk upthe street a little - tune in and we'll see!

The week of trips begins...Lisbon

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posted 29 January 2007


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