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Alison Smeath - Allie Adventure
15 Feb 2009

Well thought i better update this site as i haven't for a long time.  I'm currently living in North London in a place called Friern Barnet.  I found myself a job working in a primary school in Kentish Town where i work in the nursery department with the 3/4 year old children.  I have my own room where i take the 4 years olds off to during different times of the day.  It is great fun, am really enjoying the experience and have learnt alot already.  The staff in the school are freindly and very supportive, i hope that my position will become permanment after the summer holidays (in Sept).  I have booked another few trips for the next few lots of holidays coming up, one is to Ireland in easter for 12 days and the other is in May for a week to Scotland with my parents when they come over.  Am really looking forward to seeing them over here.  I haven't really been up to much else other than working and more work.  I did get out to celebrate with the Aussie for Australia Day which was lots of fun and then again for Waitangi Day.  That was an interesting weekend where i saw lots of people dressed up in Parliament Sq, they were either drunk or just observing like me.  Some of the costumes were great ranging from doctors off shortland street, kiwis, sheep, marmite jars, overalls, farmers and many more.  well thats all really from here will update it after i have been to Ireland. Take care everyone, Allie 8-)

15 Feb 2009

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posted 15 February 2009


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