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Still alive Posted by ping on December 22nd, 2006 in General, South America, Travel

Justwanted to drop a line and say were still alive. Were actually almostthrough Chile and tomorrow were passing the border to Argentina, justin time for a big Christmas asado (Argentinian BBQ).

I wish everyone a good Christmas and please dont go to church if youre not going on any other occasion, you hypocrites ;-)I wish you a happy new year too, have a big party and enjoy yourselves.However, dont drink for me, Ill probably get enough myself inBariloche. ;-)

I know Im not writing very much in my blog lately, that is, becauseI dont want to sit in internet cafes forever and Im already Imemailing reports of our trip in German.If youre not on the mailing list, but want to receive the Germanversion, please drop me a line. If youre an English speaking friendand wonder how Im doing in South America, you have a few options:1. learn German

2. write me an email and Ill answer, I swear

3. wait until the book gets translated

Im still updating the gallery from time to time.

Comments (0) Photos From South America Posted by ping on November 23rd, 2006 in South America, Travel

Yay! Eventually there are photos from my South America trip in the gallery.

December 22nd, 2006

posted 30 April 2007


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