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The last installment of the CRT + RPK is being typed at our home computer in the basement, with crickets chirping and centipedes running around, cobwebs everywhere and suspicious little brown pellet things that look the tell tale signs of housesitting-mice. They'll all be dealt with towmorrow after we've had a rest and a sob for certainly when we wake up tomorrow in our very own bed, theepic trip around the world will be over. Already, sitting upstairs while Ryan opened three months worth of mail and I swept up little mouse turds it didn't seem like we'd ever been away. The trip already seems unreal, foggy, like a dream. We have pectures to prove that we were there, we really did wash elephants in a stream, climb the Eiffel tower, stand in front of the pyramids at Giza. Yeah! After 25 hours on and off planes, across the equator and over the international dateline anything would seem a little fuzzy and far away I guess. 36 hours ago we were neck deep in the sparkling clear waters of the south pacific, playing volleyball fijian style on the beach of Mystery Island. Nothing could seem further away from that then our infested little basement. Our last note was maybe a little disconcerting to you all but you'll be glad to know that we made the absolute best of it, doing nothing but laying poolside reading books, playing scrabble on our deck figuring out an eating schedule that optimized appetite and food consumption. It really was just what we needed. I had a stroke of genius after a converstaion on the phone with my mom. She was feeling bad that we weren't eating or having much fun in Fiji. "What's a couple hundred more dollars at this point? You're already in the hole! Go for a boat ride, eat some dinner!" I love you Moolie. Ryan and I decided that she was right and we should see more of Fiji than our shabby stretch of "beach." We were to check out Tuesday Morning (just earlier today back across that dateline) at 10am but our flight to LA didn't leave til 10 pm. That left us with 12 hours of sitting and waiting plus a 25 dollars cab ride to the airport. SO I did some thinking and booked us on an island day trip leaving just before 10 am and getting back to the harbour around 5pm. Perfect. They came and picked us up at the hotel (included in the price of the trip!) took us out on a pirate ship for an hour cruise to Mystery Island (gorgeous deserted island type with little thatched roof shade huts, volleyball net, Bula music entertainment, open bar -kind of, barbequed chicken and fresh fish and that clear postcard perfect water we'd been missing) and then when the day was all over we had them drop us at the airport! Take that 25 dollar cab ride! It was a perfect way to spend our last day in Fiji and the last day of our trip. I'm having trouble understanding that we're actually here. home. wow. weird. I can't wait to see all of you and show you our pictures. I think we're going to burn them to a cd and then invite everybody over for an evening. Or something. I have to getrid of the mice first. My final thoughts on the trip are that I am blown away by the sheer mass of what Ryan and I have seen and done and experienced together on this trip. What a wedding! I have no regrets about spending a major sum of money on a trip like this vs. all the small stuff I would have bought otherwise (shoes) or even vs. having a great big wedding. The only down side was that we missed all of you. It was like having you there though, keeping this blog and emailing. Thanks for coming to our blog, to our trip and to our wedding. We popped a bottle of champagne( thanks you Bruce Hyde-leftover from our going away party)tonight after my parents left (by the way they stocked our fridge among other things, so that we'd be able to eat for the next week! how great are they!) and toasted our adventure. I'm sure it will take a few days or weeks before we realize what just happened but that's okay. I'm down with savoring it. Ryan has some words now. (I can't beleieve the blog is over now. what am i going to do online?) Love you. See you all so soon!!!!

rpk here-

i stink and kind of have a mullet.my hair is greasy, my skin is salty and dry, i have little pieces of coral in my scalp, and i have a big scratch on the bottom of my foot from stepping on seashells during yesterday's Mystery Island Volleyball game.not complaining, mind you, just waxing.i'm wearing slippers, my beloved hooded Cubs sweatshirt, and most comfortable flannel pants even though they are house clothes for the likes of December because i missed them so much.i was told on the way home from the airport that we won't have cable again for 10 days. how am i supposed to watch the Daily Show, SportsCenter, and the US Open without it?:)i had similar thoughts as my wife on the plane.where have the past 3 and a half months all gone?Lynn and John (CR's folks) JUST dropped us off at the airport it seems.i've read nearly a dozen books this summer which is, as my mother would attest, more than i read in junior high and high school.i've only played poker only once since May17th and it was for matchsticks in Australia (after blogging comes online poker, just for a taste) haven't really sung a la karaoke style since before we left as well.i tried singing along with the radio in Aussie and NZ and was ashamed even with only CR in the car.i've seen only one movie (two if you count IMAX), all the Fringe emails made me so jealous, not necessarily to be in one, but just to be here last month with so many shows going on!plus with how many people i know in different shows, i wish i could have at least seenone show.oh hey, champagne..............*slurp*

absence makes the heart grow fonder i think.even though america has sucky advertising, uptight dishonest politicians, lousy leadership, Paris Hilton, andMTV, the good ol' USA still has Taco Bell, free interstate travel, Jon Stewart, birthed reality TV, and can kick your country's ass if there's oil under it.i've become a fan of Rock Star:Supernova, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, by the way - to which i thank/blame foreign TV stations.since last any of you saw me save CR's folks and G-ma, i've attained and become a spouse, swum in salt water, sunburned skinpeeledand sunburned again, had diarrhea (gross but true), developed a passionate affair with rollercoasters, ridden an elephant and camel, cavetubed, skydived, obstacle coursed, drunk more wine than beer (let that one soak in for a bit), seen death, seen guns, seenseals dingos dolphins whales and emu, i've spent pounds euros egyptian pounds baht and aussie nz & fiji dollars.but i've also had both sisters moving closer, i'm getting another niece (or modest nephew), kept a grandfather, and maybejustmaybe found a little direction in my life.why wouldn't i wanna come home?it does feel pretty nice to be back in the hizzy, but there's a lot of cleaning to do, phone calls to make, friendships to reclaim and hopefully rekindle, and some family to see.

we awoke the day of our trip home to the news about Steve Irwin. funny the things that life throws at you even when you're on holiday. animals and animal lovers lost a friend this week. cheers to the Crocodile Hunteri might in a day or two write one more blog.maybe a favorites/non-favorites list. what would an internet phenom be without another list!?!? okay, CR is actually scratching shells out of my scalp. time to bathe and soon for bed.see everybody soon!one global circumnavigation complete.-------------------------rpk

Back in the USSA!

posted 06 September 2006


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