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Got back this week from Brazil where I had spent all of August. Here are some pictures and notes from the trip.


The first week was spent in Fortaleza attending the Swiss-Prot 20 Years conference.Nothing groundbreaking to report from there though the list of speakerswas quite impressive and it is always interesting to hear or even meetpeople whose databases and software you use or whose books you haveread.

I was staying along with the rest of the Swiss-Prot group at the Hotel Oasis Atlantico.Comfortable hotel with a central location and great breakfast buffetbut perhaps not the kind of place I would book when traveling on my own on the way back from Manaus I spent my last night in Brazil at thesmaller Hotel La Maison.

Finding places for changing travelers checks turned out to be moredifficult than expected. One small but central place that doesntcharge a commision is the Confidence Cambiobranch office at Av. Beira Mar 2500. There are two exchange offices atthe airport but only one changes travelers checks and moreover chargesa commission.

Here are some pictures and placemarks from Fortaleza.


Ended up in Jericoacoara for two days after missing my flight to Manaus. Didnt regret this :-) Rebooking the flight with TAM was no problem either. Stayed at the Casa do Turismowhich is quite nice and conveniently located but perhaps a bitoverpriced. After walking around a lot I hired one of the many dunebuggies with a driver for a day. Not a bad way to get to see thesurroundings.

Here are some pictures, placemarks and moviesfrom Manaus and Ja. Note that timestamps are off by one hour as Ihadnt realized that the Amazonas region is one hour behind the rest ofBrazil. Satellite images seem to have been taken when the water levelwas near its lowest mark whereas at the time of my visit the waterlevel was just past its peak. Most of the areas that appear brownish inthe map were flooded. Had the water level been much lower we might havehad trouble passing the rapids in the lower part of the Carabinaniriver. Also, even though there was a lot of water in the main channelsof the Carabinani, the side rivers of the Carabinani were almostimpassable. I tried going up the Preguicinha one of the larger siderivers of the Carabinani but gave up after a few hundred meters.

Thanks to

Andr Cruz from Eco-Discovery Tours for getting me where I wanted to go. Jlio Campos for the map. My two guides Norbertoand Manuel for making sure that there was always some meat to eat. Thepeople from Seu Delio for their hospitality. Edison and the other guysat the IBAMA base for getting me back to civilization. And Joo PaoloCosta Braga for helping me out in a tight spot in Novo Airo.

Pictures were taken with a Sony DSC-T3, and placemarks recorded with a Garmin Geko 301.

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