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Hola Amigos

Gday to All

Just a quick update and a few more photos. Ive rented a little apartment for a month to use as a base, its cheap as and saves me having to lug all of my stuff everywhere and means Ill never find myself out on the street (hotels etc are choccas this time of year.)


Im done with my Spanish lessons for now - Im nowhere near fluent but can communicate OK in most situations, especially the important ones eg Can I have a beer please? often followed shortly thereafter by Where is the bathroom? ...... you get the idea.


Ive just come back from Machu Picchu which was amazing (see photos) and I have trip to Lake Titicaca and one into the Amazon coming up.

I wont carry on too much, Ill let the pictures do the talking. Also, Im lazy! But I miss you all and hope everything is good over there. Thanks to everyone whos emailed me its always great to hear news from home. And you slackers who havent - pull your finger out!!

Alrighty well take care, Linda xxoo

Thursday August 09 2007

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posted 09 August 2007


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