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M&B's african adventure

Hello everyone, we are back in blighty and this is our final blog entry! 

After Sue and Dave left we headed to Luderitz, on the coast in Namibia. Really spectacular coastline and diamond country, so went sparkly hunting


We had our first wedding anniversary at a seafood restaurant called Ritzys (to those Swansea-ites how appropriate is that??).  Instead of bubbly we celebrated with a luminous green bottle of lemon twist probably the cheapest anniversary meal in history (16 quid!)


Visited the eerie ghost town of Kolmanskop, which was once a wealthy Victorian diamond mining town.  Now a big sandpit (check out Matt swimming in the old swimming pool)


Next stop was a gorgeous spot on the Orange River Unfortunately we hit rain (first in 3 months) so spent most of our time huddled up in our lapa (outdoor kitchen).  Despite the rain we managed to squeeze in a lovely walk along the river. Very amazed by all the different types of rocks!...


We crossed the border into South Africa and headed to Port Nolloth, a very sleepy little fishing town on the coast.  Spent our time exploring the coast line, fishing, collecting mussels and keeping warm and dry in our seaside bungalow


We stayed in a wendy house in Springbok for a couple of days, and went in search of the famous Namaqualand wild spring flowers and we found them in the Namaqua National Park breathtaking


We camped at the bottom of a stunning mountain waterfall near Vanrynsdorp and nearly turned to ice cubes in the freezing cold water, very invigorating


Feeling duly refreshed we drove onto the Cederberg Mountains.  The rivers were all in flood, it was orange season and thermal pyjamas were totally essential


Spent a day hiking up to the Maltese Cross incredible views and snow!...


Next stop was Paternoster, a gorgeous fishing village. Unfortunately it rained the whole time so we only got one piccie...


Last camping spot of the trip was in Saldhana Bay.  We loved the West Coast National Park very unique with herds of game surrounded by loads of beautiful wild flowers


Matt was thrown into a fit of depression by this sign (Kaapstad is Cape Town)


His depression deepened after saying goodbye to our beloved Beast


And could only be cured by a week partying with the wonderful Georgie Davis and her student buddies in Cape Town!...


Boo hoo very sad to end one of the most amazing experiences of our lives (so far!) 


Hoorah hello family! 


So there it is, M&Bs African Adventure.  Thank you all for reading, commenting, emailing, visiting, putting us up, generously giving and generally being a great support team, we couldnt have done it without ya!

Loads of love us xxxx

Thursday August 23 2007

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posted 23 August 2007


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