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Dan - drifterdanno
12 Feb 2008

After being crammed in a bus for about 10 hours youd think youd be happy getting left behind at a rest stop actually not so much, luckily the bus had stopped just around the corner when the passengers started yelling FALTA GRINGO, FALTA GRINGO! The copilot bus driver came running back for me just as I was about to bribe some police to chase the bus on their motorbikes.  When I finally made it to Medellin I spent more than two weeks there because I love it too much.  Its got everything, even a bar a cheesy amateur dance show all night, complete with midgets and all!  When I go back its definitely the Medellin life for me! 

The second week I was there I stayed with a family to get away from all the party.  It was an experience, they were all really nice and the mother loved to feed me loads (which is the way to my heart) but very hardcore Catholic as many are in that country.  I was their first couchsurfer and I had a bit of trouble convincing the family I wasnt a bizarre alien there to destroy the house and they were trying to convert me the whole time, but they warmed up in the end!  I spent a whole day in what was basically a Colombian science world playing with toys and chatting to the lovely Colombian guides because my host worked there and got me free entrance.

From there it was on to Manizales where I meant to spend a few days, but ended up spending my last week there, this is the way with couchsurfing!  I didnt even know what was there.  I just saw it had couchsurfing hosts so off I went!  I had some amazing hosts with all sorts of music and party there!  I took a trip to Paramo which is one of my favorite types of terrain in the world.  I hiked up to 5050m which is my new record!   It was a good climb especially after not sleeping all night or eating much breakfast because I was told it was included!  I was looking forward to some good fiesta on my last weekend in Colombia, but instead I got the chance to help build houses for families that really needed them.  It was good to get the chance to do something for the country I love so much and a good time too!  About 8 of us built a house in 2 days!

After I could drag myself away it was off to Bogota.  There I met up with a friend and we went to the anti FARC marches.  FARC is the main terrorist group in Colombia that Colombians are extremely angry with and banded together for the first time to tell them they are not wanted.  There was ridiculous amounts of people in white all over the city and country.  It was such a fun day.  After that I just had enough time to buy tons of Colombian CDs cut my hair off and dye it orange before flying back to this COLD COLD country!



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12 Feb 2008

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posted 12 February 2008


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