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Bertil Peterson
16 Feb 2008

A trip around Hainan

The best way of over viewing an island like Hainan is to fly a glider, silent and poetic. Beautiful mountains, blue rivers, green forests, field after field with rice and vegetables like bananas and papayas, mile after mile with growing food. East and westbound highways, a railway from Haikou to Sanya, small, hundreds of tracks through ethnic villages and thousands of paths ascending to the peaks of mountains more than 1100 m. A white or golden necklace of sand around the coastline, 600 km long. You can be alone with the sea on many, many beaches. However, we enter a comfortable bus in Sanya and start travelling the eastern highway to Haikou.We are happy to be in the tropical climate in Hainan, because in Stockholm and all over Sweden it is very dark, cold and snowy now in the winter. In Haikou an interesting lady, Ella Li, is waiting for us at her company Perfect Holiday, which is are marketing overnights, trips and tickets. For two years she has given me many, many valuable advices about Hainan and I am always thankful for that. Ella has mailed me that her boss and she have a surprise for me. We are passing Lingshui County and think about Nawan Monkey Island and the island of Cocunut and Birdnest Island on the coast side. Soon we are in Wanning County. On the sea outside the waves are growing very high with white tops against the beautiful white sand on the beach, a paradise for windsurfers. Here are some very interesting resorts to visit another time. On the other side of the highway is one of our favourites in Hainan, Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, where Aila was happy all the time. Next time we will discover the river landscape in Qiongghai County. There are some wonderful places to visit. We have heard about an exciting rivertrip downstreams.

16 Feb 2008

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posted 16 February 2008


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