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by: Jenica Szymanski

Rainbow Beach & Fraser Island by Liz Bolivar

Want to take traveling to a new level, literally" Join Liz Bolivar and head to the skies of Australia.

After exploring Thailand, Liz Bolivar began a new adventure in Australia, visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, and Whitsunday Islands before heading to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island.Just one day after arriving, she went on a planned skydiving adventurewith a great photo to tell the tale! Then she was off on a three day44 trip on Fraser Island, with the beach as the highway:

Itsthe only main road on the island so you cant drive around unlessyoure in a 44! you also have to time your driving time with the tideso you dont loose your vehicle to the sea! It was such a coolexperience. The first stop was the most beautiful lake I have everseen, Lake Mackenzie. It almost looked unnatural with its deep bluewater and pure white sand. We hung out here for quite a while swimmingand chilling out. Then it was off to the Maheno wreck, a preservedshipwreck right on the beach! Then we made up camp and had some steakand potatoes (good old home cooking!) (more)

To plan your own adventures in Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach and beyond, visit:Fraser Island Travel BlogsRainbow Beach Travel BlogsAustralia Travel BlogsSkydiving in Australia

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Perhentian Islands by Chris & Catherine

Wehave found paradise here in the Perhentian Islands. Palm trees, purewhite sand and turquoise water - its beautiful here. The islands areabout 20 km off the coast and are relatively under-developed in touristterms. There are no high-rise hotels here, the majority of theaccommodation is in the form of beach chalets facing the ocean. (more)

For a taste of paradise, follow Chris & Catherines lead by heading to the Perhentian Islands, located off the coast of northeastern Malaysia.Activities on the island include relaxing on the white sand beaches,scuba diving and snorkeling - you may even be greeted by turtles andreef sharks in the sea:

Over the next few days we relaxed, weread some books and swam in the sea. One of the days we went out for asnorkelling trip as the islands are surrounded by coral reefs. Cath sawa reef shark and we also saw some green turtles feeding on the wayback. They feed right on the sea bed but I was lucky enough to be inthe right place to swim with the turtle as it came up to the surface tobreath. That was magical. (more)

For more information, visit:Pulau Perhentian Travel BlogsMalaysia BeachesMalaysia Travel Blogs

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puzzled monkeys and more volcanos by alex f

One of the benefits of taking a road tripis the little surprises along the way - sites that you might have notseen or had time to appreciate from a bus or other mode of transport.

After learning Spanish in Costa Rica, Alex F has embarked on a road trip in Chile. After purchasing a pick up truck in Santiago,she was off to discover Chiles spectacular landscape, including Saltade Laja (a mini Niagara or Iguazu Falls), trees named Monkey Puzzle,and Volcan Llaima.

Camping along the way, she is enjoyingmoments of quiet in Chiles beautiful national parks, including RadalSiete Tazas National Reserve:

Next day we went for a littlewalk to look at the water falls and then went down to the riverbed torock hop up to the Salta de Leona where we lounged around and paddled.A nice gentle walk. Then back to the campsite to sip wine by the riveras the sun set. a hard life. (more)

And life on the road, stopping to see Salta de Laja after an unexpected days drive:

Weleft las siete tazas at 9am expecting a 4 hour drive to our next stop,however something went wrong in translating map distance into time andwe eventually arrived at Parque Nacional Conguillio at 8pm, in thedark. We stopped at a waterfall on the way salta de laja advertisedas a mini iguacu, which is itself advertised as a mini niagra. stillpretty impressive though, although very close to the main road andtherefore quite a tourist trap. (more)

There are many ways to discover the wonders of Chile! Here are some highlights of Chile and South America other RealTravelers have shared:Chile Anyone" South America Summary - Highs and LowsWalking the WSouthbound in South AmericaTraveling in South AmericaValparaiso

For more inspiration, visit:Chile Travel BlogsSantiago Travel BlogsRadal Siete Tazas National Reserve

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