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Rhona and backpack are Go!

Another few days passed and mainly taken up with diving it has to be said. I have now got my advanced open water qualification which means I can go a bit deeper and have practised a few more things. I only did it cos I wanted to go on a night dive on the full moon. Fairly daft really. Its been wonderful though. Every dive has featured turtles swimming around and I have seen a fair few white tipped reef sharks so have finally got over my fear of them if not other breeds of shark. Its just sooo beautiful under the water it takes my breathe away (thinkfully not really cos then I would drown).

Gili Trawangan is a fantastic place to holiday. Beautiful white beaches, turqouise seas and lots of lovely bars and cafes. Very relaxing.

Sadly tomorrow Beth and Osyth are heading back to Bali and then flying home. I am going to stay here another day cos I am knackered and want to make sure my tan is truly fantastic before I leave the beach. With all the diving I ahve hardly seen them this week but by all accounts they have had a lovely relaxing time apart from a  few hangovers. Speaking of which the cocktail hour is surely upon me....

Thursday August 30 2007

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posted 30 August 2007


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