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Well this China whirlwind adventure brings us to Gaungzhou to Julie's grandparents home. They have a very interesting complex. A main house where they live and then two little guest houses. Yai, Julie & I are bunkin together in the log house, literally that, made of logs, but it is fully loaded, with electricity, tv, shower, bathroom, air con and yes, a bar..So we are very excited. Michael and Mr.Au are in the rock house, literally made of rocks, all the same amenities except they have a fireplace, and a better stock in their bar:) We arrived here late tonight, ending our 4 day, 3 night adventure in Beijing. Where we were able to hike the Great Wall, that in itself was amazing....I am still pinching myself..I had to sit for a minute and take it all in, it was truly a great moment. To actually be there, you read about it in books, see on tv and to be there, to feel and breath it's history, it was an experience i will never forget. We also went to Tianamen square and revisited in our minds the events that took place there, we walked the sidewalks of the Summer Palace and heard the history as explained by our guide. A place where royalty vacationed and where so much romance and drama and decision making and plotting and history took place. We also visited the Forbidden City, eccentric is a word that can be used to describe the forbidden city. Rooftops made of ceramic and massive gates and doors and marble. We learned about it's history and it's purpose...This has certainlybeen an educating trip and so worth it.

We've eaten great food and ave been treated so well. The shopping has been great. But, I have  to say that I miss home. What I would do for a nice green salad, a glass of ice, with some fresh oj & some vodka and a big fat steak....We are here for 3 days and then back to Hong Kong for 4 more days and then to Seattle...Anyways, stay tuned.....

love you all,


yes, yai & michael are with us, but, se'i ka'u aku le story ga i se isi taimi. pe fesili ia poia....ua ova a lou uso:)

Saturday June 02 2007

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