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My trip to Mongolia

Hello, my name is Jan, I am from Danemark and right now I am staying at Temuujin's Guesthouse in Ulan bataar, http://www.temuujin-guesthouse.com and I am looking for at least 3-4 people who want to travel to Gobi and to Khuvsgul areas. I need to make one group to make really nice and amazing travel. This Temuujin's Guesthouse has really cheap, maybe cheapest tours in Ulan bataar city, just imagine: I visited more than 15 guesthouses and hostels in Ulan bataar, and they are all asking too much money but mine is best. Please call me to 328037 and ask Jan (Y-A-N) :) I will be in Mongolia from April 22 thru May 28. Looking for travel mates to create one group. Imagine and don't forget that tour package for 4 people, I mean, for one person's payment is only under 100 USD!!!

Sunday April 22 2007

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posted 22 April 2007


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