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Wonderful world

In San Juan del Sur, the town relaxed atmosphere and its picturesquelittle houses, bars and restaurants make it ideal place to kick backand enjoy the cold Tona (one of Nicaraguas most popular beer). we knew about this place. There weregroup of bachelors on the other table i found one of them gorgeous. Iwas surprised that the hot guy whom my friends and I are eyeing at thebar followed me in the wash room. He asked me if I could go out withhimI refused, i said thank you but my husband is going to pick me upafter 30 minutes. Although I am attracted to him but I amstill loyal to my longtime boyfriend. Having crushes even strengthensour relationship. The more I see those gorgeous guys I really like, themore I appreciate having this one great boyfriend whom I choose tolove, flaws included.

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posted 16 February 2007


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