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Vince - The Glorious Land of the Lady-boys

It's been awhile since our last post... firstly... an apology for the lack of photos... the computer keeps telling me that I am trying to put obscene and inappropriate content on the web whenever I try... and though this may not surprise some of you... I assure you that the pictures are very innocent, most of which are of the foot long lizards that stalked our toilet in Ko Chang!! But if you desperately crave to see pictoral evidence of our travels then I will grudgingly refer you onto clara's facebook profile where she has painstakingly spent hours upon end uploading photos while I sipped a passion fruit shake and relaxed... if you can't access her photos then I will promise to put them up as soon as I arrive back in England... As most of you can tell... I have forsaken my initial promise of regular updates... but the important thing is that we're having the time of our lives right?

On a second note... I am obliged to tell you that we're having lots and lots of fun and we're absolutely fine! We are currently at a bus station to the west of Bangkok at the moment waiting for an overnight bus down to Phuket!! It's practically an airport! We have just left Pattaya (where we stayed for a few days while we made our way from Ko Chang to Phuket). The say was wonderful... the city itself wasn't so wonderful in itself... but the five star Junior Suite in The Garden Cliff resort and spa (Sofitel) did wonders to take our minds away from some of the more sordid charms that Pattaya had to offer... This is where all the lady boys live... and perform... for the cabarets here are the most famous in all of Thailand... unfortunately we weren't here long enough to see one... but during the day the less famous lady boys end up wooing men on street corners and in front of bar's called "a go go's" which appear to be bars with strippers... it's quite bizarre but I think they give the regular prostitutes a lot of competition... There isn't a time when you don't look around and see old fat westerners holding hands with a young (better looking) thai girl... It is a repulsive site and it This is, it would seem, unfortunately what attracts most of the tourists to thailand... most of them are from Russia or Germany!

Like I said we were holed up in our suite so we were able to avoid most of these things... but it's not all bad in Pattaya... we visited a Tiger Zoo in Sriracha about an 40 minute drive from Pattaya which was REALLY REALLY cool... It boasts the best Bengal Tiger Breeding programme in the world with over 350 Bengal Tigers. There are also elepants and Crocodiles there. We got to feed a 3 month old tiger cub which was surprisingly large!! and we were able to get really close to some younger cubs... the crocs were pretty horrible... they're evil looking creatures... it's crazy but the crocodile farms in which they are bred for their meat and their skin is actually what's saving them from extinction!!

I mentioned earlier about the foot long lizards stalking our bathroom in Ko Chang (where we stayed for a week before Pattaya)... this is because we were staying in a wooden hut on the side of a mountain which more or less protrudes from the sea! which was initially quiet cool... until we realised we shared a bathroom with some of the creatures that the mountainside jungle had to offer!! other than that... we found Ko Chang an extremely beautiful place... we stayed at a resort called Siam beach hotel which was located on Lonely Beach... it was by far the most beautiful place we have been so far!! The views at the summit of Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai were barely comparable with the sunset from Lonely Beach... A definite must for all visitors to thailand... though I would recommend a few nights spent in Kai Bae (another beach on the island) before moving onto Lonely Beach! We went on a snorkelling and fishing tour here which cost us B700 each (ten pounds) which was quite fun... but it was quite windy so it didn't quite live up to expectations as the fish were hidden in deep crevices!! but it is definitely worth doing if the weather is better. Ko Chang was brilliant for Seafood... we visited a fishing village called Ban Bao in the south of the island many times for the Blue Crab Curry and the Pineapple fried rice!! which cost us a total of B200... Now these are big crabs we're talking about... which we got for under three pounds!!!

As you can probably tell... we have been very busy!! There's something new and exciting to do everyday and it's made even more wonderful by how cheap it is... Our next destination is Phuket... perhaps the most famous place in Thailand next to Bangkok and definitely the most Touristy... Which makes us wonder exactly what all the fuss is about... we'll let you know!

Friday November 30 2007

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