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Im a huge fan of Digg Logodigg.com,it provides me, and millions of others, with a constant source ofinteresting content to ponder. And for many sites around the internet,it can provide a much valued boost in traffic. Of course, when youstart talking about digg.com and traffic the infamous digg effect always comes up. Put simply, this is the latest take on being slashdotted.When a popular site allows for user generated content, specificallylinks, there will no doubt be a surge in traffic to that site. In manycases this results in that site becoming unavailable. Ive recently fallen foul of the digg effect myself,with a site becoming unavailable until I moved hosts. It turns whatshould be an exciting time into more of a worrying one. On digg itselfthere have been numerous comments mentioning that a large number ofsites seem to be going down. So, given these two factors, I wanted tosee for myself. In this post youll see what I found out by recordingsome important data regarding the stories that make it to the digg.comfront page over the course of a single day, thats 24 hours and EVERYstory that made it to the venerable homepage spots. Read on for whatIve discovered so far.


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Tuesday March 13 2007

posted 13 March 2007


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