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Alison Smeath - Allie Adventure

Well hello everyone,As most of you know i made a one off decision to go to America and Canada so that's where i'm currently at until the end of October.  Just so you know what i've been up to I landed in Dulles airport in the afternoon and after two hours of trying to get through customs as my finger prints didn't work on the scanner they let me in:)  We headed back to Michelle's place and then had to repack and after talking we heading to bed only to be up early and we were bound for Canada, this only took us about 12 hours with a few stops in between including the Niagara falls, however they weren't as good as the Canadain side.  We found Aunty Christine's place and headed to the park for a BBQ dinner in, however we ended up in the dark which made it interesting.  The next day we headed to the farmers market and went food tasting, looking at cattle, went on a Mennonites farm tour and saw how they lived and farmed the maple trees.  From here we went to the Elona gorge for a look.  Friday was a girls trip to the beach well that had to change as the weather was wet so we just made it a site seeing and road trip towards Owen Sounds stopping and looking at the English falls, Wairton Willie, Bruce's Cave and many more we had a picnic dinner in Southhampton and watched the sunset before heading back to Guelph following the GPS.  We had lots and lots of laughs along the way at all the funny things we did or said.  Which meant there were heaps with us four together!!!!! Saturday we slept in and then headed to Toronto to look around the city, to do this we jumped on one of the tour bus and say the CN tower, the markets, Castles and many other sites.   Sunday we went to visit one of Aunty Christines friends in hospital and then went shopping at the Guelph malls before heading back home to have a New Zealand roast lamb for dinner.  Monday saw us complete the long drive home to Virginia.  Tuesday we were up early and on the bus heading for New York, the big apple!!!! Watch out here comes two crazy girls!!!!!  Once in NY we went and checked into our hotel and met our tour guide before heading into Manhattan for dinner.  After dinner we went to Madame Tussaud's wax Museum, Time Square, Top of the Rock observatory to see the city by nite so amazing :)  Wednesday saw a change of plans because of all the 9/11 events happening.  We saw where fashion week was happening, Greenwich Village, Central Park, SOHO, Tribeca, Municipal District, St Paul's Chapel, World Finanical centre, Ground Zero, Trinity Chruch, Wall Street, Federal wall, the Merrill Lynch Bull and many more.  We went into Century 21 for a bit of shopping but only a bit as you need a full day there.  We went and saw a theatre production Mama Mia.Thursday saw me on the American Television on the today show, a morning news programme. We went and saw heaps more sites with the most famous one including a boat ride out to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island etc. We went down town to look at part of china Town and a small walk through Little Italy. before saying bye to the Big Apple at 7pm I crawled into bed a 2am which was lovely as I was exhausted but had a great time so it was well worth it.  New York was amazing it was just like it is on TV busy, car everywhere, lights everywhere at night and it never stops.

12 Sep 2008

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posted 12 September 2008


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